It has been brought to our attention that Advanced School Imaging / Advanced Photographic Solutions / Studio Pro Group in Cleveland, TN are having problems with production and operations to the extent that many of Fidelity School Portraits past customers are contacting Fidelity to try and find someone to assist them in solving their problems.

Fidelity School Portraits is not affiliated with any of these companies and sold all rights and accounts of the school portrait company in August of 2015.

The “Fidelity School Portraits” name was only to be used in transition and was not to be used in any form or fashion after January, 1st 2016.

Please contact someone at the numbers provided below for assistance with any problems you may be experiencing.

Advanced Photographic Solutions
1525 Hardeman Lane North East
Cleveland, TN 37312-5814

Coby Lonas
Executive Vice President
Advanced Photographic Solutions
(423) 339-6649

Advanced Photographic Solutions - Customer Service
(800) 241-9234
M-F 8am – 5pm Eastern

Studio Pro Group
1525 Hardeman Lane
(800) 238-8259